Green Coffee Bean Medical Study

Green Coffee Bean Medical Study

The latest and most recently study on the green coffee bean extract was done by researchers from the University of Scranton where theydescribedits amazing weight loss qualities. After a lot of media attention more research has been carried out and it since indicates that raw and unroasted green coffee beans contain a special antioxidant extract known as Chlorogenic acid.

These recent experiments conducted at the University of Scranton were done on a group of 16 people from different age groups. The coffee extracts used in this experiments contained high concentration levels of Chlorogenic acid and were in the coffee beans raw and pure form. This acid is the one that induces weight loss. As a way of eliminating external influences and measuring effects of the extract, the group of people was split into two and the doses given to each group varied. The results of the experiments clearly indicated that the green coffee bean extract had significant effect on human beings.

Some of the results noted from the study of these were:

Significant weight loss:

The group under study indicated that there was reduction in the body fat. Up to 16% loss of the body fat of all the participants in the experiments was noted and this was an averageof 17 pounds per person.

Lack of side effects:

The study revealed that the extract was not only natural but safe as there were absolutely no side effects on any of the participants. The weight lost did not bring along any risks and concerns on their health. The main conclusion was that the extract was a safe formula as a weight loss program.

Independent effects:

During the experiments the participants were not put under did any other regimens for diet of physical exercises. They were each given an average of 2400 calories daily which was actually high compared to a calorie intake in a normal diet.Significant fat and weight was lost by the participants in spite these actions. This reveals thatthe green coffee bean extract can be effective without the influence of other ingredients or diet and exercise programs.

Chlorogenic acid benefits:

This is the main compound or ingredient in the green coffee bean extract. The experiment was able to chart successfully the benefits of this acid as well as establish the minimum or maximum dosage specifications required.

From the above study done on the green coffee extract, it is recommended that people looking to buy and use green coffee bean extract pills must ensure that they only buy pure extracts. The extract should not contain any other additional or artificial ingredients. This is only when they can be sure of the results. The prescribed dosage must be followed strictly and should not be less than 800 mg in each dose. The ideal weight can also be achieved without additional diets or exercises.

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